David Gulpilil

photo by Michael Rayner

David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu.AM.

A face that shows 60 thousand years of Ancestry – 230 years of sadness at the loss of the Traditional Life.

Actor, Dancer, Poet, Writer, Director, Teacher, Elder. He beat the grog, beat the ganja, beat the smokes, survived prison, survived colonization… Now thousands of Australians are sending him the strength to beat the cancer, so he can finish his treatment and return to his beloved Country in Arnhem Land.

David is a Yolngu man of the Mandhalpuyngu speech of the Djinba language, who spent his childhood in the bush, beyond non- Indigenous influence, where he received a traditional upbringing and attended school at Maningrida in North East Arnhem Land. When he came of age he was initiated into the Mandhalpuyngu tribal group.

His Totem is Eagle. His homeland is Marwuyu.

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