“Twenty-five years ago I was working as a reporter when I received a tip from a police detective. He’d been working to break up a child pornography ring, but suddenly the case was closed by his bosses. The order had come from the mayor. He was so upset that the case had been squashed that he mailed us some of the evidence. We received two black-and-white stills from a surveillance camera. They featured a man. We knew that his name was Robert, he lived in the south, and he operated by feeding hungry kids in order to abuse and film them. We searched all over for Robert. We showed the photos to all our sources connected with these networks. And after months of searching, we finally discovered him living just a few kilometers from my house. We rang his doorbell, told him some bullshit story, and got inside. There were piles of VHS tapes everywhere. We waited until he went to the bathroom and grabbed as many as we could. They contained all the horrible things you could imagine. We called Robert in to our offices, showed him the tapes, and he started pointing fingers at other people. A giant ring was uncovered. And one of the people that Robert accused was named Mr. Norbert. We discovered him in one of the videos. He was only visible in four or five frames. And do you know who he was? The brother of the mayor who squashed the original investigation.”

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