“It was supposed to be my grand entrance. I was fifteen years old. I’d seen so many other kids make music on ‘YouTube’ and thought: ‘Wow! Anyone can do this!’ So I decided to release my own album. Only problem was that I had no previous musical experience. But Tumblr was popping off back then, so I went there to search for inspiration– cool quotes and stuff. And I used my iPhone to record five songs in my bedroom. I can’t even listen to them anymore. I think two of them were about hating math class. Another one was called: ‘Nothing is Easy,’ and the first line is: ‘My clock is ticking away.’ For the music I just hit the same two keys on my keyboard, over and over again. I called the album: ‘Hello, World,’ and released it onto the Internet. I was really expecting the world to say: ‘Hello, Clara!’ But I quickly learned it doesn’t work like that.”

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