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I wrote you too many poems in a language I did not yet know how to speak

Who are we and where are we going to? What is our identity and what stories do we tell? What is this thing called culture and what is it’s significance today? How does our culture relates to other cultures and what role is left for nature? What is art and its role and position in our modern society? The internet shrinked the world to the size of a peanut in no time and made it more transparant and accessible, for us all to experience, study and inform. It also shows us we’re not that different after all and those few differences soon will vanish until that moment we all do look alike. What will be left of our culture and identity? What Tribe you from?

Urban Desert Art

Contemporary artist BOTOX is wondering along this dazzling territory full of speeding movement and transition. In his search for something relevant worth stealing, he creates mysterious artworks that look like plans or maps of things to come or maybe already gone. Urban Desert Art. Miraculous maps, crawling with symbols, stories, rituals and poetry. They tell us about fascination for life and nature and a quest for meaning and essence. Passionate and spiritual stories about being human. About realtionships and connections, about life and our way to deliverance. Icons for a new era…

BOTOX: “After all these years working and living as an artist, it became more and more clear to me; the space between real and abstract is what’s interests me the most. The place where reality ‘slides’ into abstract, or vice versa. The phase where we loose control and the subconsciousness takes over, our instinct and intuition, the moment the dreams come walking in. Don’t forget that we humans are all spiritual beings, so all art is spiritual in my opinion. I like to see myself more like a wandering spirit or a traveller, wondering around and getting lost most of the time. Some sort of ‘Bush Doctor’ or ‘Shaman’, travelling and wondering around this modern concrete city jungle life, with a backpack full of ‘old’ stories and stuff, trying to figure out what the fuck is happening. This term ‘Urban Desert Art’ is spot on. I’m a desert guy, lost in the city. Or a city one, longing for the bush. If you want to be found, you first have to get lost….”

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Some reflections people gave us:

In my humble opinion your art is pure escapism. Call your dog and walk towards the horizon. I feel you. Dee from California.

BOTOX! In my humble opinion you’re trying to redefine our modern times. If you observe our planet and see what’s all happening, it looks like a big ball made of chaos. Maybe your art is an attempt to deal with this chaos by creating more structure. More structure, so you can handle the chaos. I like that BOTOX, I like the way you redefine this chaos into a more magical journey. Our journey, because we’re all into this together. Stay magical, will be checking you. Love! Barbara, Berlin.

If Keith Haring were Ojibwa & Australian aboriginal it would look something like this. I see dancers, and lovers. I see the trickster. I see the Dreamtime. – Tom Goode, Canada

Wondering Songlines for the wandering West. I see, feel and hear Lovesongs. Full circle. Return to start and give It away. We all move in circles. – S. Maris, New Caledonia

Like a modern shaman BOTOX creates his own songlines and takes them into modern (city)life. To ease the soul and enlighten the spirit of all wandering in wandering times. Show the wonder as an antidote againtst greed and ignorance. Like a baby being born. S. Howard, Sydney

I see them as prayers, your paintings. That makes you some sort of priest. Tom W. Amsterdam

Springtime flowers dancing around Milky Way stars. I recognise your search for balance, harmony and beauty. Your poetry and spiritual heart whispering songs of celebration and thankfulness. How do we visualise the grandness of all? How do we celebrate the Creation? I just love the way you sing, thank you BOTOX! Sarah Cobain, New Zealand

I see space, infinty. Innumerable amounts of stars, solar systems, planets, pulsars. I spot some satelites and space stations floating through unknown galaxies. And i see some strange creatures, like aliens, another dimension. Send me some of your drugs BOTOX. Franca C. Lisboa.

Trying to survive the concrete big city modern times. Getting lost means you travel. You’re a traveller. On walkabout. Don’t forget to visit the river or smell the ocean once in a while, come visit… Dave

I guess. One day you asked yourself. Where am I going? Who will present me the map for my directions? My destination? But you did not find any, so you designed them yourself. You are a designer. Your personal songlines. By showing them you invite people to join. Come walk with me? I’d love to! Yes! X

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