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I wrote you too many poems in a language I did not yet know how to speak.

Who are we and what are the stories we tell? What is this thing called culture and what is it’s significance to us today? What role is left for nature and how does our culture relates to other cultures? What is art and its role and position in our modern society? The internet shrinked the world to the size of a peanut in no time and made it more transparant and accessible, for us all to experience, study and inform. It also shows us we’re not that different after all and those few differences soon will vanish until that moment we all do look alike. What will be left of our culture and identity?

Art is what I am.

Contemporary artist BOTOX is wondering along this bumpy territory full of long and winding roads. In his search for something worth stealing he creates wondering artworks that look like plans or maps of things to come or maybe already gone. Miraculous maps, crawling with symbols, stories, rituals and poetry. They tell us about fascination for life and nature and the quest for meaning and essence. Passionate and spiritual stories about being human. About realtionships and connections, about life and our way to deliverance. Icons for a new era…

Some reflections people gave us:

If Keith Haring were Ojibwa & Australian aboriginal it would look something like this. I see dancers, and lovers. I see the trickster. I see the Dreamtime. – Tom Goode, Canada

Wondering Songlines for the wandering West. I see, feel and hear Lovesongs. Full circle. Return to start and give It away. We all move in circles. – S. Maris, New Caledonia

Like a modern shaman BOTOX creates his own songlines and takes them into modern (city)life. To ease the soul and enlighten the spirit of all wandering in wandering times. Show the wonder as an antidote againtst greed and ignorance. Like a baby being born. S. Howard, Sydney

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