Pagan portraits

When you think of Slavic culture, the first things that come to mind are probably vodka, fur hats, and the Orthodox church. Polish photographer Marcin Nagraba, however, wanted to show the world a more ancient view of Slavic people in his dark pictures – by dialing it all the way back to Pagan times.

Christianity arrived in this world between the 7th and 12th centuries, but before that, the region was a hotbed of Slavic mythology and polytheism. Though little is known to this day about the mysterious Pagan rituals, accounts by early Byzantine explorers describe the ancient Slavs as worshipers of thunder and earth – no doubt referring to Perun, the highest god of the pantheon and the Slavic equivalent of the Greek Zeus.

With the help of costume designer Agnieszka Osipa, the Warsaw-based visionary captures the breathtaking photoshoot idea which reminds us of the wonder and wisdom of ages past. Experience every cool photo for yourself below, and let yourself drift back in time for a moment.

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