Inspire stuff

Short video: Amazing Kitty Phetla (Joburg Ballet) performing a rain dance.

This has been quiet a day that @warrenmasemola started by posting this video. firstly my gratitude to you. I thought I should share the story behind this dance.

It was inspired by the magical Queen Modjaji, the Rain Queen of the Balobedu People.

This was in light of the #rainmustfall during the Western Cape drought and I performed the Rain Dance in the middle of the Theewaterskloof Dam, of which is the main reservoir that had dried up.

about a week or two after dancing at the reservoir, it started raining in the Western Cape.

This was a humbling experience made possible by @tbwahuntlascaris #breakingballet

bite-size ballet series no. 5

done as @joburg_ballet production

Thank you so much to everyone for posting and appreciating the art of communicating with the universe through dance.

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