BOTOX: “After all these years working and living as an artist, it became more and more clear to me; the space between real and abstract is what’s interesting me the most. The place where reality ‘slides’ into abstract, or vice versa. The phase where we loose control and the subconsciousness takes over, our instinct and intuition, the moment the dreams come walking in. Don’t forget that we humans are all spiritual beings, so all art is spiritual in my opinion. I like to see myself more like a wandering spirit or a traveller, wondering around and getting lost most of the time. Some sort of ‘Bush Doctor’ or ‘Shaman’, travelling and wondering around this modern concrete city jungle life, with a backpack full of ‘old’ stories and stuff, trying to figure out what the fuck is happening. This term ‘Urban Desert Art’ is spot on. I’m a desert guy, lost in the city. Or a city one, longing for the bush. If you want to be found, you first have to get lost….”

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