“I thought we were being careful, so he wasn’t expected. And I tried to convince her not to have the baby. I regret that now, but it was a difficult situation. There were a lot of arguments. I ended up walking away from the relationship. I didn’t walk away from her. Or the baby. Just the relationship. As soon as I knew we were having the child, I showed up. But there were a lot of hurt feelings. I had to go to court to fight for joint custody. It was a long process, but the judge gave me every other weekend and some weekdays. He’s 2.5 now. Things are much better between me and his mom. There’s good vibes. We laugh, and joke, and play with him together. She’s an excellent mother in every way. And she actually thanks me now for taking her to court. She knows that he really needed a father figure in his life. And I needed that for him too– because I never had that. I try to give him my best whenever we’re together. And he misses me when he doesn’t see me. Sometimes his mother will call because he’s asking for me. He wants his daddy. It’s just something natural that comes out of him. It’s really amazing. He knows that I’m his dad. And I’m the only one.”

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